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Code4Lib2018 Breakout Sessions

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c4l18 breakout sessions
==Day 1 breakout sessions, Feb. 14, 2018==
*Ex Libris and Open Source Discovery Data Warehousing/Privacy
*Expanding the Code of Conduct to online spaces (notes:
*Fedora Test API
*Teaching Beginners: How to be Better
*Poor Man's VDI with LTS & Drupal
*ArchiveSpace Core Committees and Community development
*Data4Lib/Spark in the Dark/Big Data
*ETD Submittal
*FOLIO SWORDS (real swords)

==Day 2 breakout sessions, Feb. 15, 2018==
*Sustainable Development
*Continuing Conversation on Website Accessibility / Library Accessibility Community
*Hiring & Onboarding
*Teaching Beginners, Redux
*Software + Data + Library Carpentry: how to get started and what it is
*AI/ML/DL (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning)

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