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2018 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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2:15 am: Wesley Teal - Alma Enumerator: Experiments in Automating Tedium: What do you do when an ILS migration leaves a ton of your serials information behind? Well, you can fix thousands of item records by hand or you could use a little bit of Python and a lot of trial and error to automate your troubles away. This is the story of taking the second option and tribulations and triumphs involved. Alma Enumerator is a set of Python scripts that use the Alma API to parse free text item description fields and convert them enumeration and chronology data that can be uploaded back into Alma. The presentation will cover the problem that needed to be solved, the design considerations, complications encountered during development, and the highlights and shortcomings of the collection of scripts that became Alma Enumerator.
[ Link to Wesley Teal's Alma Enumerator slides]
2:45 pm: Break

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