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Southeast 2018 Schedule

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| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Presentation
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| LibStats: There and Back Again
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Elizabeth Peele Mumpower (Systems Librarian), Alexander Cooper (Lead Application Support Analyst II), Lisa Hamlett (Lead Application Support AnalystII), Emory University
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Emory University’s Library Core Systems recently embarked on the LibStats project. The project involved extracting logs from EZProxy, parsing the logs through EZPaarse, and matching the data Emory data feeds. This presentation will delve into 3 areas of the project: 1) coordination of the project through GitHub, 2) creating parsers for EZPaarse and contributing to an open source community, and 3) creating visualizations and providing data through Tableau.

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