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Code4Lib Montreal

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Welcome to the page of the new Code4Lib local group in Montreal. We will share information about upcoming and past meetups.
[[Code4Lib Montreal Fr|Click here for the French Page | Cliquez ici pour la page en français]]
Email [ Clara Turp] for more information.
Subscribe to our mailing list: to learn about new events and our next meetings.<br> 
Slack Channel and Hashtag: #code4lib-mtl <br>
To add the channel, you must join the general code4lib slack. [!topic/code4libcon/0q8i4yTI7y8 Click here to join the Code4Lib slack.]
=== Next Meetup ===
To be determinedSeptember 21, 2018 - 5a7 social get together extravaganza Location: TBDOctober 23, 2018 - Lightning talks
=== Past Meetups and meeting notes ===
August 21, 2018- Planning session: June 20th20, 2018 - Code4Lib Montreal kick-off meeting:

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