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BC Past Events

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This page is an archive of information about older [[BC|Code4Lib BC]] events. For recent or upcoming events, check out the [[BC|main Code4Lib BC page]].
== '''Fifth Annual Code4lib BC Unconference 2017''' ==
'''Save the dates!'''* Thursday, 30 November and Friday, 1 December, 2017 This year's C4LBC will be held in Nanaimo, BC, and jointly hosted by the University of Vancouver Island and Vancouver Island Regional Library. The Thursday events will be held in downtown Nanaimo at VIRL's Harbourfront Branch. Friday's activities will be held the the VIU campus. This year's organisers are trying hard to make everything as easy as possible for mainlanders travelling to the island, so stay tuned for details on transportation, accommodations, and much more. [ Registration is now open!] === What's it all about? === It's a 2-day unconference - a participant-driven meeting bringing together a diverse and open community of library developers and non-developers engaging in effective, collaborative problem-solving through technology regardless of their department or background. The event will feature lightning talks, breakout sessions, with coffee, tea and snacks provided. Lightning talks are brief presentations which are typically 10 minutes in length on topics related to library technologies. Breakout sessions are an opportunity to bring participants together in an ad hoc fashion for a short, yet sustained period of problem solving, software development and fun. If there is a neat project you're been working on, a cool new tool you want to show off, or an interesting development in the world of library technology that you want to discuss, Code4Lib BC is a great opportunity to share with the community! '''What's included''': wifi, power, coffee/snacks, lunches, prizes, limited transportation from downtown Nanaimo to VIU campus. '''What's NOT included/what to bring''': a laptop, dinner, your ideas and enthusiasm. '''Hashtag''': #c4lbc '''Code of Conduct''': As a Code4Lib event, we adhere to the [ Code4Lib Code of Conduct], which seeks to provide a welcoming, harassment-free environment. ===Lightning Talk Proposals and Breakout Suggestions=== Is there a neat project you've been working on, a cool new tool you want to show off, or an interesting development in the world of library technology that you want to discuss? Submit your [ lightning talk/breakout suggestion] ===Transportation=== Are you traveling from Victoria or the Lower Mainland? Are you interested in sharing transportation? Do you have any dietary restrictions? Please let us know by filling out this [ survey]  Transportation to Nanaimo from the mainland is best made by ferry to Departure Bay, or by seaplane/helijet *[ BC ferries from West Van to Departure Bay]. If you are interested in carpooling from the Vancouver area, please let us know in the transportation survey.*[ Seair Seaplanes to Nanaimo] from YVR or down town Vancouver*[ Harbour Air Seaplanes to Nanaimo] from YVR or down town Vancouver*[ Helijet to Nanaimo] from YVR or down town Vancouver.*[ Tofino Bus] and [ IslandLinkBus] from Victoria and Other Island Locations to Nanaimo. Also, if you are interested in locating a carpool from Victoria to Nanaimo please say so in the transportation survey. ===Accommodations===The Coast Bastion Hotel offered a discount for early bookings. But if you're reading this after Oct 30th the discount has elapsed. Other options can be found [ here.] === Schedule === ==== Thursday, 30 November ====Events will be held at [,-123.9386119,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x5488a15814a89c2b:0xa00f9e80da1f7296!8m2!3d49.1655907!4d-123.9364232 VIRL's Harbourfront library branch]. Parking: Recommend underground parking under library. Entrance to lot off Front St. or Museum Way. {| class="wikitable"| 8:30 || Doors open|-| 9:00 || Welcome & Announcements|-| 9:15 || Lightning Talks* [ Code4lib/BC: What's it all about] - Cynthia Ng* [ Canadian Federated Data Repository] - Alex Garnett* Using Ms Access to make vendor reports or local workflows less painful - Trevor Smith* [ Games Day in the Library] - Kevin Brash* [ What's in the Bag? Indexing and querying Bags with Elasticsearch] - Mark Jordan|-| 10:30 || Coffee break|-| 10:45 || Lightning Talks, cont'd* Restoring an interactive videotex art exhibition from the mid-1980s - John Durno* [ I.T. things at FVRL: Sphero/Spark robots, Green Screens and VR Experience] - Traci Monchamp / Lewis Vacek / Tamarack Hockin* [ ILS Migration Change Management: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly] - Janice Banser* Getting Started with RFPs - Trevor Smith* [ Contest of champions: Headless Battle] - Daniel Sifton|-| 12:00 || Lunch (Provided)|-| 1:00 || Breakout Sessions* GODOT has left the building : the CUFTS/GODOT end of life debrief for everybody- Maryann Kempthorne* Show + tell IT things breakout : VIRL Creativity Commons - Geoffrey Allen / FVRL IT Things - Traci Monchamp, Lewis Vacek, Tamarack Hockin |-| 2:30 || Break|-| 2:45 || Breakout Sessions, cont'd* Using Ms Access to make vendor reports or local workflows less painful (expanded) - Trevor Smith* Hosting Code4libBC - Geoffrey Allen, Cynthia Ng, Ben Hyman, Daniel Sifton|-| 4:00 || Breakout Reports|-| 5:00 || Social Event at [ White Sails Brewery] with pizza from [ Mambo Pizza]* [ Directions] from VIRL to White Sails|} ==== Friday, 1 December ====Events will be held at [ VIU's Building 305, Room 509] A bus (with a friendly, qualified driver) will pick up attendees from the Coast Bastion on Friday morning at 8:20 am. If needed the bus will return for another load of passengers ~20 minutes later.  The same bus, with the same friendly, qualified driver, will deliver attendees to the Departure Bay ferry terminal at the end of the day.  Parking: Closest is Lot N; Lot D is closed due to construction, some spaces in Lots F & C are short-term; [ VIU Parking Map] {| class="wikitable"| 8:30 || Doors open|-| 9:00 || Announcements|-| 9:15 || Lightning Talks* [ Supplejack Triclops Architecture] - Daniel Sifton* Open Source, Open Access, Open Data - Maryann Kempthorne* Linking video and audio in the Hansard - Mike Sinclair* [ Getting Started with Automating your EZproxy] - James Fournie* Smallest Possible Library Online Tools "SPLOT" - Scott Leslie|-| 10:30 || Coffee break|-| 10:45 || Lightning Talks, cont'd* [ We have detected spider/robot activity on our site] - Calvin Mah * [ Using Islandora to centralize access to distributed content] - Mark Jordan * Systems Projects in Special Libraries - Charles Hogg* OCR tools for non-Latin alphabets - Rebecca Dickson* [ Through the Looking Glass: A Parallel World of Print Collections Data] - Jean Blackburn|-| 12:00 || Lunch (Provided)|-| 1:00 || Breakout Sessions* [ Parse, Harvest, Repeat: Hands on metadata ingestion in the Supplejack stack] - Daniel Sifton / James Fournie* [ Web Archiving: Coordinating efforts, sharing best practices] - Dana McFarland* [[Brainstorming possible SPLOTs]] - Scott Leslie & Jonathan Schatz|-| 2:30 || Break|-| 2:45 || Breakout Sessions, cont'd* Linking video and audio in the Hansard (Expanded/Discussion) - Mike Sinclair* [ All the DOCs]: Documentation and workflows - Cynthia Ng / Tamarack Hockin* Wordpress nightmare - Allison Trumble|-| 4:00 || Breakout Reports|-| 5:00 || Meet up at [ VIU Student Pub]|-|} ==== Feedback ==== Post conference, don't forget to fill out the [ feedback form] === Organizers === * Daniel Sifton* Dana McFarland* Ben Hyman* Geoffrey Allen* Charles Hogg* Paris Carr* James Fournie* Cynthia Ng* Tamarack Hockin* Allison Trumble  Comments or questions? Get in touch with us at      == '''Fourth Annual Code4lib BC Unconference 2016''' ==
* December 1 and 2, 2016

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