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2019 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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Nominations for invited speakers/keynotes for Code4Lib 2019 in San José, CA will run until '''October 22, 2018'''.

Please include a description and any relevant links and try to keep the list in alphabetical order.

The criteria for nominating a candidate to act as keynote are below:
*Speaker’s name (First Name, Last Name)
*Brief description of individual (250-word max)
*Pertinent links (Maximum of 3)
*Contact information of candidate (email address)

''We strongly encourage you to nominate speakers who are local to the San José area.''

Please follow the formatting guidelines:


== Nominee's Name ==

Description of no more than 250 words.

[[Link(s) with contact information for nominee]]



==Jane Doe (example)==

Jane works at ________, doing _______.

Some pertinent history/biography/hyperlinks that elucidates why Jane would be a good keynote speaker.


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