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2019 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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Nominated Mark Matienzo
[ Not all information wants to be free,] LITA Closing Keynote, 2016.
==Mark Matienzo==
Mark works at Stanford as the Collaboration & Interoperability Architect for Digital Library Systems and Services.
Mark has worked at the intersection of technology, libraries, and systems for over a decade, serving as a technologist, advocate, and facilitator for cross-institutional projects. Prior to joining Stanford, Mark worked as an archivist, technologist, and strategist specializing in born-digital materials and metadata management, at institutions including the Digital Public Library of America, Yale University Library, The New York Public Library, and the American Institute of Physics. Mark would be an excellent keynote speaker because his long track record of involvement in cross-disciplinary and intra-institutional initiatives has given him a unique exposure to projects that touch on all aspects of library systems and tools. In addition, he is an outspoken advocate on a wide range of issues including labor, the environment, and leadership in libraries.
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