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2019 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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==October Montoya ==
October Montoya is a PhD student in the Communications and Science Studies Departments at UC San Diego. They hold a BA in Ethnic Studies, and a BA in Feminist Studies from University of California at Santa Cruz where their thesis, "Digital Activism in the Land of Abundant Failure: Silicon Valley and the Radical Re-Making of the Borders between Place and Space" explored the relationship between geography, technology, displacement, and change-making in their hometown of San Jose, California. Prior to attending graduate school, October engaged in various grassroots and coalitional forms of community organizing in the Bay Area, and this continues to influence their research interests, projects, and goals. They are also a contributing editor of San Jose-based literary journal Cheers from the Wasteland.
More about October: [ Cheersfromthewasteland] [].

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