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2019 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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Becky Yoose
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== Becky Yoose ==
Becky Yoose is the Library Applications and Systems Manager for the Seattle Public Library, perennial Code4Lib MC and presenter, and wearer of many hats, both physical and metaphorical. She has wrangled both library people and data for over a decade, working at academic and public libraries of different shapes and sizes, from libraries built exclusively on proprietary systems to Open Source library technology shops. Becky's data work includes cataloging and metadata work to administrating library systems, data warehouses and patron data privacy. Her library community work includes extensive involvement in code4lib, LibTechWomen, Mashcat, and Troublesome Catalogers and Magical Metadata Fairies, as well as bridging the library world to other communities like Write The Docs. Becky's work and interests fall into the many intersections of technology, culture, privacy, community, and libraries.
At past Code4Lib conferences, Becky has spoken thoughtfully and passionately about key issues in our community, including sustainability and burnout, compassionate project development, and the ethics of data analytics. She works for tea and chocolate, and prefers to use lard for her pie crust, though she will make vegan butter pie crust on request.
More about Becky: []
Previous C4L talks:
* [ Your code does not exist in a vacuum]
* [ The Modern Day Sisyphus: #libtech Burnout and You]
* And others too numerous to mention.

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