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Code4Lib Journal Email Templates

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To be included in the <nth> issue, which is scheduled for publication
in mid <Month YYYY>, please submit articles, abstracts, or proposals at
http or to
by Friday, <Month DD, YYYY>. When submitting, please include the title
or subject of the proposal in the subject line of the email message.
* Technology projects (failed, successful, or proposed), including
how they were done and the challenges faced
* Case studies
* Best practices
samples, algorithms, and pseudo-code. For more information, visit
C4LJ's Article Guidelines or browse articles from the first <n> issues
published on our website: http
Remember, for consideration for the <nth> issue, please send proposals,
abstracts, or draft articles to /submit-proposalno later than Friday, <Month DD, YYYY>. (Use ifsending attachments.)
Send in a submission. Your peers would like to hear what you are doing.

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