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Keynote Committee Duties

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Open voting announcement
With special thanks to <nowiki>{{diebold maintainer, probably Chris Beer}}</nowiki> for <nowiki>{{his/her/their}}</nowiki> management of the diebold-o-tron, the The Code4Lib <nowiki>{{year}}</nowiki> Keynote Speakers Committee is happy to open this year's invited speaker election.
All nominees have been contacted and the <nowiki>{{number of nominees}}</nowiki> included in this election are all potentially available to speak. The top two available vote recipients will be invited to be our keynote speakers this year. Voting will end in two weeks on <nowiki>{{date}}</nowiki>.
3) *''Contribution to diversity''*. Will this person bring something rare, notable, or unique to our community, through unusual experience or background?
<nowiki>http://voteexample.code4lib.orgcom/electionvoting/{{ID number}}link</nowiki>
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