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2019 Social Activities

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== Planned Events ==
=== Newcomer Dinner, Tuesday, February 19th ===
First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating <strike>discussions about</strike> demonstrations of the many uses of <strike>bacon</strike> <strike>XML</strike> <strike>EZProxy</strike> <strike>LibGuides alternatives</strike> <strike>spreadsheets</strike> documentation.
Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!
* When: Tuesday, February 19th
* Suggested Time: 6 PM (ish) or whenever you can get your group together, depending on where your group is coming from (off-site preconfs, travel, etc.)
* Mastermind (if you have any questions): [ Becky Yoose]
*Max of '''6''' per group
**Please, no waitlisting
**Some restaurants can hold multiple groups of six. These are labeled with the “Can Seat Multiple Groups of Six” in the restaurant listing.
*ID yourselves so we can get a good mix of new people and veterans in each group
**New folks - n
**c4l vets - v
*One leader needed for each location (declare yourself! - '''Vets are highly encouraged to lead the group''')
**Leader duties
***Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that the restaurant can handle a group of 6 rowdy library tech type folks
***Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)
*See a restaurant that's not listed? Feel free to add one, '''but please make sure that it is open that Tuesday evening.'''
NB! Many of this year's Newcomer Dinner options are not close to the convention hotel. You will most likely be relying on public transportation, taxis, or ride-sharing services to get to your destination. Please plan accordingly.
'''Restaurant list, sign ups, and transportation information coming soon!'''
=== Conference Reception, Wednesday, February 20th ===
* When: Wednesday, February 20th, 7 pm -9 pm
* Where: [ The Tech Museum of Innovation]
* Shuttle buses traveling from the hotel to the reception will be available for attendees. More details will be added as they become available.
* '''Don't forget your conference nametag!'''
Light hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be provided. More information about the reception, as well as transportation and security information, can be found on the [ Code4Lib website].
=== #LibTechWomen Meet-Up, Thursday, February 21st ===
* When: Thursday, 2/21/19, Time TBA
* Where: TBA (Finalizing with conference hotel)
* Food and beverages are available for purchase
* Afterwards some of us will go to Game Night or Karaoke!
[ LibTechWomen] is a supportive space for women and their friends to network, develop skills, build confidence, and lead positive change. Are you a lurker? Are you a newcomer? All are welcome! Come meet wonderful colleagues in library technology!
=== Game Night, Thursday, February 21st ===
* When: Thursday, 2/21/19, Time TBA
* Where: TBA (Finalizing with conference hotel)
* Food and beverages are available for purchase
* Sing about your glorious victories or sorrowful defeats at Karaoke afterwards!
Play games? Come join fellow code4libers in a few board or card games! Feel free to bring your own games - see the sign up list below to list any games you might bring with you.
====List of Games====
* game title, who will bring it, any other info about the game
=== Karaoke Night, Thursday, February 21st ===
* When: Thursday, 2/21/19, Time TBA
* Where: 7 Bamboo Lounge, 162 Jackson St., San Jose, CA 95112
* Food and beverages are available for purchase
* Rideshares and taxis highly recommended coming back to the conference hotel (visit the conference website for more information about transportation options)
Sing like no one can hear you, dance like no one is watching... Groups can sign up to head over to the lounge at the DIY Events document (coming soon!).
=== Winchester Magical Mystery Tour, Thursday February 21st ===
Contact: Hardy Pottinger (hpottinger on Slack), Kim Pham (kimpham on Slack)
== Social and Food/Drink Map ==
For a visual-ish view of recommended food, drink, and activities in San Jose and the surrounding area, please visit this (predicted to be) awesome Google Map (coming soon).
== Ideas, Local Event Outings, and More! ==
Looking for something to do outside of what's listed above? We have a Google Doc for that! The DIY Events document (coming soon!) has a variety of ideas to choose from, or you can add your own. You can also use this document to organize outings in one central place!
==Getting Around==
All info on getting to the hotel is on the conference website:

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