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Keynote Committee Duties

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Email Templates: add keynote final followup
===Final followup to Keynote Speaker===
'''Subject''': Code4Lib 2019, Keynote logistics and accessibility
Copy the email address on this.
Hi <nowiki>{{name}}</nowiki>,
The Code4Lib Keynote Committee would like to thank you again for helping us make <nowiki>{{year}}</nowiki> a Code4Lib event to remember.
We wanted to reach out with some final logistical points to be aware of while speaking:
'''Talk Length'''
You will have 45 minutes to use how you see fit for your keynote on <nowiki>{{date and time of keynote}}</nowiki>. You can choose to include discussion and/or Q&A time, or you can use the entire time to speak. The presentation time length includes setup and take down.
We are currently putting together introductions for you, to be announced before your keynote. We are working with the bios you provided us (http://<nowiki>{{year}}</nowiki> Is there any other relevant information you would like us to include, or do you have a different introduction in mind entirely? We’re happy to have as much or as little input from you as you prefer.
'''Talk Home'''
If you are willing to make your keynote available digitally to attendees and to virtual attendees, please upload your presentation deck to the Code4Lib <nowiki>{{year}}</nowiki> OSF Meetings space (<nowiki>{{OSF or other repo URL}}</nowiki>).
'''Code of Conduct'''
We want all Code4lib events to be welcoming, so please take a moment to review the Code of Conduct (http://<nowiki>{{year}}</nowiki> as it applies to all parts of the event including presentations.
'''Presentation Accessibility'''
Speakers are also being asked to read over the accessibility checklist to ensure all in-person and virtual attendees can thoroughly enjoy your presentation: This guide instructs you to send your presentation to the Program Committee, but you can send yours to the Keynote Committee.
We look forward to seeing you in <nowiki>{{city}}</nowiki> soon!
Thank you!
- The Code4Lib Keynote Committee
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