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One recommended tool/resource for n00bs

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* [ Ruby Koans] - learn Ruby by fixing failing tests
* [ Library Carpentry] - Free, open-source lessons for non-techy librarians on coding, data analysis, and related topics. They also give in-person workshops upon request.
* [ Seeing Standards] - Let's be frank, there is a giant pile of metadata standards awaiting any newbie to this field. Jenn Riley's map of these standards, and the accompanying glossary, is an invaluable resource. It may be tempting to try to print the PDF of this visualization, just be aware that it is absolutely gigantic. You will need access to a poster printer to do it justice. Don't let that frighten you, feel free to explore it on your computer, save it, keep it as a reference. This poster will help you, you need it.
=====Meetups and User Groups=====

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