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Southeast 2019

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[[Southeast_2019_Program|Southeast 2019 Program]]
=== Parking ===
We have secured a block of parking spaces in the [ Oval West Parking Deck] which is a couple of minutes walk from the Hunt Library. Parking for the day is $10, and it must be paid for in advance through the NCSU parking website. Here are instructions on how to pay for parking from the NCSU Transportation Office:
==== How To Obtain Your VIRTUAL Event Permit ====
* Visit
* Select "Purchase Event Permit"
* Agree to the Terms of Service
* Select "Centennial Campus Events"
* Select "5/31 Code4Lib Southeast 2019"
* When prompted enter '''Code4LibSE2019''' as the Event Voucher Code. The code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown. Click Confirm.
* Select Permit Type
* Select/Confirm your parking dates. Click Confirm.
* Select Location
* Click "Add Vehicle. Enter vehicle license plate, state, year and make. Click Add.
* Review information entered for accuracy and click continue.
* Enter email address to receive, confirmation of parking permit. Click Checkout. '''Remember, the permit is virtual, your license plate is your permit. Permit is valid only for the vehicle entered. Permit is not valid in paid parking locations.'''
'''Are you driving a rental car?''' If so, please wait to obtain your parking permit until after you have received your rental car. Vehicle license plates cannot be changed once entered. You must obtain your parking permit before leaving your vehicle unattended on campus.
'''For assistance with obtaining your permit please call the Transportation Office at 919-515-3424'''
There is currently construction going on in the vicinity, [ here is a map] to show you how to get into the deck when you arrive.
If there are accessibility concerns around parking, please email us at [] and we can make arrangements to get a spot to accommodate you.
=== Optional Pre-Conference Social Event ===

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