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This page outlines some things to consider when hosting a Code4Lib North. If you have or will be hosting an event, consider building on this page for future organizers.

== Announcing Interest ==
There isn’t a formal process for announcing Code4lib North hosting. If you/your organization would like to host, try getting in touch with the host from last year to see if anyone else has expressed interest, or try posting on twitter -- otherwise, just put your name down on the wiki!

== Scheduling ==
Past events have taken place on a Thursday/Friday around May or June. Be sure to research other possible conflicting events when deciding on dates.

=== Talks, Breakouts & Lightning Talks ===
Attendees can sign up for a talk directly on the wiki. Talks can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes (or more, depending on your preferences). Lightning talk signups take place at the event, so it’s a good idea to have a whiteboard or other space for signups.

If there is a small number of signups, consider shortening the event, reducing from two days to one day, or extending the breakout sessions.

=== Social ===

Traditionally there’s a social event on the first evening of Code4Lib North. Participants generally pay for their own food/drink, so you just need to make a reservation somewhere and post the location & directions.

== Registration ==
Past registrations have been done through [ Eventbrite]. Make sure to collect dietary restrictions if food will be provided.

== Travel ==

If possible, working with local travel/accommodations to secure a conference rate (e.g. Via Rail, Porter, local hotels or campus accommodations).

== Venues & Space ==
Should have wifi, a projector, space for up to ~50 attendees, outlets, ideally a microphone. You should also consider options for local accommodations and parking.

=== Coffee/food ===
Securing funds for and ordering snacks/coffee/lunch. Some past events just provided coffee/tea though, it depends on your options and funds. Participants may go out to local spots for lunch - if this is the case, it can be useful to create a shared google doc that people can sign up on to facilitate different lunch groups.

== Communications ==
Communications and information around Code4Lib North is posted on the wiki. If you don’t have an account, contact Ryan Wick (
When starting a new event on the wiki, copy the previous years event to the top of [ the Code4Lib North past events page]. Consider making periodic content backups of your event information, as at least two past events have run into technical issues with the wiki being down during the event.

=== Promotion ===

Promote the event widely, including through:

* Twitter -- try using the #code4lib hashtag or the official hashtag for that year (e.g. #c4ln19)
* Code4lib slack -- see []
* Code4lib mailing list -- see []
* Regional Code4Lib groups, including [ Toronto], [ Ottawa], [ Montreal], and [ New York City]
* Within the hosting institution and other nearby institutions
* OLITA mailing list -- see []
* OCUL Digital Curation and OCUL IT communities -- see []
* Lib tech women Google group -- see [!forum/libtechwomen!forum/libtechwomen]
* Software/library carpentries communities Slack -- see []
* ALA lita lists --

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