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''Tiffany Schoneboom & Joseph Koivisto (University of Maryland)''
*Starting in 2018, the Consortial Library Applications Support (CLAS) group at the University of Maryland began a data warehouse design and implementation initiative to better serve the reporting and analytics needs of University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) consortium member institutions. Working in conjunction with a data warehouse architect, members of the CLAS team and applications developers from the Software Systems Development and Research (SSDR) developed an applications architecture to support the storage, dissemination, and use of integrated library system data in a web-accessible portal. Instrumental in this endeavour was the development of an extract-transform-load (ETL) framework to facilitate the exchange of data between library systems and data warehouse data layers. In this presentation, we will provide a brief overview of the project background and the activities undertaken to ensure the usability of our platform by consortial members. Furthermore, this presentation will provide an in-depth look at the development of ETL methodologies, the design framework that informed development activities, and a status report on current design and testing.
== Proposed Lightning Talks ==
'''Successes and Setbacks in the University of Maryland - College Park Dataverse Pilot'''
''Margaret Rose Hunt (University of Maryland)''
*How many things can go wrong when implementing a new system? Apparently quite a few. This session will give an overview of the Dataverse pilot that is being conducted at the University of Maryland - College Park and a Library Science graduate student's perspective on working inside a data repository for the first time.

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