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Code4Lib 2020 Conference Committees

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== Website Working Group ==
This group will focus on content strategy (in collaboration with the Documentation Committee) and feature implementations for the conference website to improve the overall user experience for users (i.e., on-site and remote attendees, speakers, potential sponsors, post-conference users).
[[2020 Website Working Group Documents|2020 Website Working Group Documents]]
* [[User:Phette23|Eric Phetteplace]] - Primary Contact aka Chair
* [[User:KaitlinNewson|Kaitlin Newson]] (v) - Secondary Contact aka Co-Chair
* Julia Caffrey (newbie) - Volunteer
* [ Ann Marie Mesco], Carnegie Mellon University - Local Planning Contact
* Your Name Here - Documentarian
* [[User:KaitlinNewson|Kaitlin Newson]] (v) - Volunteer
* [[User:Ranti|Ranti Junus]] (v) - Volunteer
* [[User:Tomkeays|Tom Keays]] - Volunteer

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