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2020 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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Chuck Pell
== Chuck Pell ==
"A confessed 'congenital geek,' Chuck is inventor, artist, scientist and expressive raconteur. As a practitioner of Design Coup d'œil (the habit of seeing overarching structural issues at a glance), Chuck seeks the essential core of any system, whether science, art, or technology. He is most at home in novel situations, figuring things out on the fly. These tendencies have led Chuck to garner experience in surgical robotics, functional morphology, biomechanics, fluid dynamics, miniature robotics, autonomous underwater vehicles, ballistics, maritime communications, entertainment effects, teaching, design (graphic, exhibit and industrial) and filmmaking. Never at rest, he’s had 100 shows of his paintings and sculpture, with dozens of papers published in biology, engineering and patents issued or pending. Having raised millions for research and now on his third startup, Chuck has the nagging suspicion he’s become a serial entrepreneur."(excerpted from [ Chuck's TEDMED bio])
Chuck Pell is a sculptor, roboticist, Emmy-winning television host, and force of nature. His philosophies towards creativity and invention include: uncover hidden assumptions, pursue surprise, and "fail early and often, when it's cheap." His passionate approach to real-world problem solving has a lot to offer the world of GLAM-tech; combined with an avowed love of technology, libraries, and knowledge generally, he is sure to bring a wealth of insight and creativity to the Code4Lib community. Chuck is 1/4 of the way to an [,_Emmy,_Grammy,_and_Tony_Awards EGOT] and is the consulting scientist for an asteroid mining company.
* See [ Chuck's TEDMED talk on the future of surgery] (cw: contains brief footage and schematics of surgical procedures)
* [ Chuck Pell's TEDMED bio]
* [ Xploration Earth 2050]
Contact Chuck via [ Physcient, Inc.]

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