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2020 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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"Karen Sandler is the executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, former executive director of the GNOME Foundation, an attorney, and former general counsel of the Software Freedom Law Center." (per [ wikipedia]) She's known for advocacy on copyleft and other copyright issues as well as on free software more generally; notably, e.g., because proprietary software means she cannot audit the implantable medical device that keeps her alive ([ OSCON talk]). The [ Software Freedom Conservancy] is a fiscal sponsor, copyright holder & advocate, etc. for open source software projects. Sandler also co-organizes Outreachy, a paid internship program that particularly encourages people from underrepresented genders and races to contribute to FOSS, and was formerly on the advisory board of the Ada Initiative. She teaches entertainment law at Columbia from a copyright-rebel perspective.
==Leo Lo ==

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