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2020 Streaming Video Documents

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Thoughts: Adding remote streaming paragraph
[[User:DataGazetteer|Peter Murray]] has been asked a couple of times about the setup being used at Code4Lib. See [[2018_Streaming_Video_Documents|2018]] for previous thoughts. Thoughts below come from 2020.
Due to the [ COVID-19] outbreak, many presenters have travel concerns or outright travel bans from their institutions.This is the first time in my memory where the Code4Lib meeting made a conscious effort to enable remote presenters to join the meeting at a significant scale.To handle this, two Zoom meetings (labeled ''None at A'' and ''B'') were created using the momentOpen Library Foundation's Zoom accounts.These meetings were set to automatically start without a host present and to record in the cloud (in case network quality is such that the in-venue recording is not good).Instructions were added to the top of this page, and a table of expected remote presentations created.''Undoubtedly more to follow later...''
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