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2020 Streaming Video Documents

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Streaming team checklist with speaker prior to talk: Add livestreaming team instructions
=== Streaming Livestreaming team checklist with speaker the presenter prior to talk ===
* Check presenter's microphone level and sound quality
* Check presenter's speaker and ensure there is no echo
* Test screen-sharing (''start'' and ''stop'') with presenter
* Remind presenter to turn of off notifications from chat programs, email clients, etc.
* Lock the meeting to prevent others from joining and interrupting the presenter. (From the ''Participants'' panel, select ''More'' then ''Lock Meeting''.)
=== Livestreaming team instructions bringing in remote presenters ===
* On the laptop dedicated to providing video/audio to the A/V contractor's video switch ("RECEIVING ZOOM"), log in as `` (password provided on-site)
* On your own device ("YOUR ZOOM"), download and install the Zoom client. Log in as `` (password provided on-site)
* 30 minutes before the remote presenter's start time, use YOUR ZOOM to connect to the Zoom meeting URL (listed in the table above) and work through the checklist for remote presenters
* 5 minutes before the remote presenter's start time, use RECEIVING ZOOM to connect to the Zoom meeting URL. When connected, make the Zoom window go full-screen.
* At the presenter's start time, let the A/V contractor know that the remote presenter video/audio is ready
* At the end of the presentation, on the RECEIVING ZOOM machine take the Zoom window out of full-screen and end the meeting for all.
== Encoding Setup ==

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