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2021 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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==Bryan Alexander==
Bryan Alexander is a futurist, writer, speaker and scholar at the University of Georgetown. I first met Bryan when he worked for NITLE, an organization that encouraged collaboration and use of emerging technologies among liberal arts colleges. He led several workshops on games in education, Web 2.0 and digital scholarship, all well before any could be considered mainstream. Our paths crossed again when I helped to contribute to the New Media Consorium’s Horizon Report where Bryan was a long-time advisor providing insight on how potentially disruptive technologies could influence libraries, museums and higher education.
Recently Bryan has become well known due to the publication of his book Academia Next where he outlined possible future scenarios and their effects on academia. Included is a scenario that considered how a pandemic could change higher ed. His analysis pre-COVID-19 was eerily accurate and earned him interviews with NPR, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and others.
Bryan is an exceptionally engaging speaker, regularly citing examples from the audience during his talk and integrating questions mid-stream. His “brooding”, as he refers to it, is mixed with a personal optimism that is contagious. While an excellent speaker, he brings much more to the conference. Every time I have seen him, he has attended the conference as an active participant and used his vast personal network to connect people with similar interests and problems. If Bryan is selected as the speaker, the conference as a whole will benefit greatly.
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==Cecily Walker==

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