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Plugins: edits to represent a few changes to plugins
===Anti-Spam/ Security===
;[ Akismet]
:Filters out spamBaseline anti-link comments based on their contentspam.;[http WP-reCAPTCHAAntispam Bee]:Requires users to copy After a distorted word before they can comment. We disabled number of experiments with anti-spam plugins, using this plugin at one point due to accessibility augment Akismet seems to do a pretty good job.;[ Sucuri Security Plugin]:Scans for issuesand sends updates when changes are made. However, we suffered This may be a spam storm in May 2014 that required either disabling comments on all posts (not trivial) or reinstalling the CAPTCHA bit overkill at times, but it also provides early detection of hacks.;[ Really Simple SSL]:We have an SSL certificate through ibiblio. This pluginmakes sure Wordpress uses HTTPS appropriately.
:In the non-WYSIWYG editor, can be used to build a basic COinS tag. (P. Binkley)
:This was abandoned in favor of the generator at However, the generator has now gone south and no longer seems to be supported.
;[Google XML Sitemaps]
:Generates search-engine friendly sitemaps.
;C4LJ Remove Parents
:A customization of Prettifies category URLs so that issues appear at <code></code> instead of <code></code>. (J. Brinley)
;[ FeedBurner FeedSmith]
:Redirects the main feed and the general comments feed to FeedBurner
;[ Classic Editor]
:Restores option for classic editor functionality for anyone who finds it more usable than the new mobile-focused editor.
;[ Issue Manager]
:Enables one-click publishing of new issues, and prevents articles from being published until their associated issue is published. (J. Brinley)

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