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Code4Lib 2022 Conference Committees

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This committee is charged with running the show such as overall timeline, budgeting, coordinating of locations and logistics, wrangler of committees, and communicating with the community.
* Your Name Here Blake Carver - Primary ( - Tertiary Contact AKA * Karlen Chase ( - Chair, Primary Contact* Daricus Larry Sarah Cogley - ( - Secondary Tertiary Contact AKA CoChair* Your Name Here Francis Kayiwa ( - Tertiary Contact AKA CoChair* Your Name Here Molly Maloney ( - DocumentarianTertiary Contact* Mike Taylor Amanda McCormick (mikeafm33@buffalo.tayloredu) - Tertiary Contact* Rose Orcutt ( - VolunteerTertiary Contact* Andrew Battelini Carolyn Klotzbach-Russell ( - VolunteerTertiary Contact
== Website Working Group ==

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