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Umlaut Technical Overview

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OpenURL parsing and storing
In understanding Umlaut, it's helpful to understand a bit about the nature of an OpenURL, including that an OpenURL is composed of several entities or groupings of metadata. Jeff Young's [ Q6 blog] includes one good explanation of the six OpenURL entities.
Two sets of classes are involved in dealing with OpenURLs in Umlaut. The ropenurl library is generally used to parse OpenURLs. However, Umlaut serializes OpenURLs to it's own ActiveRecord classes--[ Request], to represent an incoming OpenURL request, and some constituent data in [ Referrent], [ Referent Value], and [ Referrer]. Once the OpenURL is parsed with the ropenurl library, the data is stored in internal Umlaut classes, which are generally used subsequently to deal with the request data.
A bit confusingly, Umlaut's own Request (which represents a parsed OpenURL request) should not be confused with the Rails ActionController::Request class which represents the complete details of an 'raw' HTTP request.

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