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ILS Interop

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List of functionality
===List of functionality===
'''Level 1: Basic Discovery Interfaces'''<br />
This level represents a minimal set of functions that are easily implemented and essential to support applications that provide discovery outside the ILS.
* HarvestBibliographicRecords
* GoToBibliographicRequestPage (basically the ability to link directly to an OPAC full record page)
'''Level 2: Elementary OPAC supplement'''<br />
This level describes a set of functions needed for a reasonably broad range of practical discovery applications that operate in tandem with the OPAC.
All of the above, plus
* HarvestAuthorityRecords
* HarvestHoldingsRecords (where 'holdings' generally refers to structured marc holdings as opposed to just item records)
* Either OutputRewritablePage or OutputIntermediateFormat
'''Level 3: Elementary OPAC alternative'''<br />
This level describes a set of functions needed for a practical discovery application that can operate completely independently of the OPAC.
All of the above, plus
* LookupPatron (I think this was going from a possible external identifier, like campus ID, to the internal ILS identifier)
* AuthenticatePatron
* CancelRecall
'''Level 4: Robust/domain specific discovery platforms'''<br />
This level describes functions required to build useful discovery applications beyond the elementary level.
All of the above, plus
* SearchCourseReserves
* Explain (this is really a placeholder for an SRU type explain that says which functions have been implemented)
* Both OutputRewritablePage and OutputIntermediateFormat
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