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Asheville Airport to Hotel Van Manifest

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Manifest for Van shuttle for Asheville Airport to/from Hotel.
== Instructions ==Departures (Thursday and Friday): We have a bigger WCU There will be no more van then we expected so we might be able to transport everyone that wants to go. It also takes less time then we thought to get to and from the airport. Although those on the manifest will have priority, we will fill up the vans. However, with the weather issues, you might want to call the airport to see if your flight is delayed. Give me a call but I was hoping to stop the runs by 5pm. We will meet outside the front door outside the lobby. Arrivals: Meeting place at the Asheville Airport is the Airport Ground Transportation desk in the Asheville Airport Baggage Claim area. [ More details in Airport Map on flickr] Call Jill if you have any problems: 828-399-1286  We have two minivans (WCU and ASU) that can hold a maximun of 6 passengers with their bags per trip. Based on then information provided by the attendees on the Rideshare Wiki as of Feb 10, 2010, we create 10 arrival loads (currently there is no Load 5 but it can be added back if need be). These arrival loads are numbered. We also created 11 departure loads. These are lettered. It may be possible to add loads but '''please...don't add loads yourself to the tables.''' Add your info to the bottom of the rideshare page indicating that you are not in the manifest and we will see if we can add additional loads. Email Jill Ellern directly if you have any questions. If your already on this list, '''please make sure your flight information is correct''' on both the arrival and the departure list. Passengers need to '''send an email to confirm their slot''' (check the email about this service sent to the big Code4Lib list). Once Kevin Hope everyone has receive this email, we will update the "Confirmed" column. If you wish to use an empty slot in a load, please add your information both in this manifest and the rideshare table. Make sure to send the email to confirm your slot with your email and cell phone information. The email list we create from your sent information will be used to send further instructons about gathering locations at the airport and hotel. We might need to contact your cell phone if there are delays and trip home! ==
== Hotel to Asheville Airport (Departures) ==

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