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C4L2011 planning wishlist

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==Presentations and Program==
# Make people use a single conference PC (but Mac, Linux, Win? -- or mbklein's mega 3-in one)
# Ensure the PC + microphone arrangement allows the presenters to use their laptop (do demos, read slide notes, etc)
# Organize volunteers to do tech support during the program, especially lightning talks. Nobody wants to feel stupid standing in front of a room. This should not have to be the emcee. [-emily lynema]
# Organize lightning talk shepherds who will force those doing lightning talks to put their presentations on a single computer (or at least as few computers as possible) [-emily lynema].
# Have speaker release forms available online two weeks before conference - speakers bring final copy with them.
# Encourage use of screencasts for demos! Live demos are nice and shiny, but are a liability during presentations (wasted time trying to get it to work, no backups in case of live demo fail, etc.). The presentations that had screencasts went well, and screencasts could reduce the need to switch laptops due to software needs. - yo_bj
# Some (most?) presenters didn't care for the lectern (but it keeps them in place, which makes recording easier..)
# Smaller distance to front of room
# Make sure bottom of screen is visible with peoples' heads in the way
==T Shirts==
# Have a 'slide captain' who reminds people and follows up at/after the conference
# For video permissions, consider having a blanket statement in registration, with an "if you need to opt out, let us know" for inclusiveness. Here's an [ example IPR policy] re copyright/etc
== A/V Tech stuff ==
# Would be very nice if the podium/lectern was properly lit -- bright enough to decent recording, independent controls from house lights
# Audience microphones!!
# Coordinate with local staff to have necessary cables to do slide capture
# Coordinate with local staff to have a house audio feed
# Would be amazing to do live-switching for video capture and write out directly to disk -- would require some tech, dedicated machine, volunteers, and plenty of hard drive space..
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[[Category: Code4Lib2011]]

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