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Umlaut Deployment

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Dealing with bad query strings: More Apache Setup
So you have your Umlaut running by executing "./scripts/server" in the Umlaut directory, and then it launches on port 3000 by default, and you connect to port 3000. This is fine for some initial confirmation that you've got your setup working, and for development, but how do you actually deploy it?
Mongrel refuses to accept a mal-formed query string. EBSCOHost, however, insists on sending such---for example, query strings with unescaped greater-than or less-than chars in them. We want to take care of this by putting directives in the apache config to rewrite these bad urls into proper escaped urls. The apache mod_redirect external map function is most convenient to use here, and a program to serve as an external map is included with umlaut. The following apache directives will take care of rewriting bad URLs. As always, $Umlaut stands for your Umlaut install dir.
<pre> # We want to re-write URLs with 'bad' < and > chars in the query # string ( need code here eg from EBSCO)to escape them. RewriteEngine on RewriteMap query_escape prg:$umlaut/distribution/script/ RewriteLock /var/lock/subsys/apache.rewrite.lock RewriteCond %{query_string} ^(.*[\>\<].*)$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1?${query_escape:%1} [R,L,NE]</pre>
Note: Due to a bug in Apache, ampersand chars in query string end up 'double escaped' when put through the map. We have code in a before filter in application_controller to take care of this.

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