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Code4Lib Style Guide

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A Notes section (if needed) immediately follows the last of the article's narrative text. Notes are indicated in the text either by note number in square brackets [1] or by author and year [Smith, 2007]. Where notes refer to articles, books, etc., that are not available by direct link, insert a [[COinS (layman's description) | COINS]] element after the note.
==== Recommended Reference Style InformationDiscussion: ====
Tim McGeary proposes that the Editorial Committee chose a recommended style for all authors. Authors that do not choose recommended style need to follow another documented style and communicate that to their assigned editor. Using a documented style will provide a clear editorial guidelines for consistency, and ensure proper citations and references of literature and resources.
[ APA Style Example (Purdue)]
[ MLA Style Example (Cornell)]
[ CSE Style Example (Ohio State)]
jrochkind's proposal: Citations should be clear and unambiguous, and reasonably consistent within an article. Authors are welcome but not required to use a formal style. Editors will ensure readability, clarity, and reasonable consistency of citations, but will not check citations for compliance with stylebooks.
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!Name !! Recommend Style? (Y/N) !! Which Style? (Vote even if N)|-| Tim McGeary || Y || CSE|-| J Rochkind || N |||-| Carol Bean || Y || CSE |-| Your Name || Vote || Style |}Editors, please vote at [Citation_discussion]
=== About the Author ===

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