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<blockquote>Does Symphony actually use Oracle as a relational database, or as a glorified file system for buzzword compliance?</blockquote>
<blockquote> Unicorn originally used an ISAM flat-file database.&nbsp; Unicorn/Symphony customers have the option of using Oracle instead, if they would prefer that.&nbsp; My understanding is that the ISAM flat-file structure was ported verbatim to Oracle, so makes little (or no?) use of relationships, normalization, referential integrity or triggers to maintain consistency. </blockquote>
:: Perhaps ironically, Horizon actually DOES have a fairly well normalized sensical relational database structure. Horizon has been cancelled, Unicorn/Symphony has been continued instead, with it's apparent flat-file-ish schema. Horizon's reasonably normalized schema does make it fairly easy to 'hack' additional features on, compared to the typical proprietary ILS.
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