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** CHANGE FOR 2011: figure out in advance what will be the official channel for nominations (e-mail thread, wiki page, some other webapp, etc.)
** CHANGE FOR 2011: ensure every nomination includes a nominee and a biographic paragraph
* program committee (20-minute talks) (see [[2011 committees sign-up page]])
** CHANGE FOR 2011: decide on program structure EARLIER. should know how many prepped talks (if doing prepped talks) will be accepted in advance of the vote.
* scholarship committee (see [[2011 committees sign-up page]])
* documentation/how-to group (keep records of this year, consolidate with "best practices" so that it's easier in the future) (see [[How To Plan A Code4LibCon]] )
* T-shirt committee (see [[committees sign-up page]])
* [[C4L2010 social activities|social activities]] (see [[2011 committees sign-up page]])* voting coordination (see [[2011 committees sign-up page]])
* wifi
* non-wifi technology (e.g. mbklein's kickass 3-in-1 computer system)

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