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2011talks Submissions

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Check out some code at
== (Yet Another) Home-Grown Digital Library System, Built Upon Open Source XML Technologies and Metadata Standards ==
* David Lacy, Library Software Development Specialist, Villanova University (david dot lacy at villanova dot edu)
We have recently rearchitected our homegrown digital library utilizing an all-XML framework. The system is comprised of a data repository residing in a native XML database (eXist-DB), a metadata editor constructed using a Java-based XForms processor (Orbeon Forms), and a series of services for image manipulation, OCR processing and OAI-PMH serving. In this talk, I will detail our workflow process from scanning to online publishing, demonstrate the software's flexible configuration and features, and how these steps allow rapid digital preservation and online access. Oh, and it's open source, so I'll show you where to get it as well.

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