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2011 Preconference Proposals

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Text mining
== Text mining ==* Description: This workshop will describe and demonstrate the principles of text mining and other digital humanities computing techniques. With the advent of so much full text content available in libraries, and with the increasing ease in which people can find content, the question to ask one's self is, "What do I do with all of this content?" Or, as Gregory Crane said, [ "What do you do with a million books?"] Text mining, visualization, concordancing are some of the answers -- process for making sense of large full text corpora -- something often called "distant reading". Participants will go away with a better understanding of what the digital humanities are and how they can applied in a library setting.* Duration: half-day* Speaker Bio: Eric Lease Morgan considers himself a librarian first and a computer user second. His professional goal is to discover new ways to use computer to provide better library services. Some of his more notable projects included Mr. Serials, Index Morganagus, the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts, and MyLibrary. Currently he spends his time investigating the digital humanities and integrating them into VUFind.* Contact: Eric Lease Morgan (emorgan at
== What's New In Solr ==

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