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Code4Lib Journal Email Templates

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Proposal Accepted: <pre>
== Proposal Accepted ==
'''See also [[Code4Lib_Journal_DeadlinesCode4Lib Journal Deadlines]]'''.
I'm pleased to tell you that your recent proposal for an article about
<insert topic/title> has been provisionally accepted to the Code4LibJournal. The editorial committee is interested in your proposal, andwould like to see a draft.
<insert any additional Additional comments about focus we'd like to see in thearticle or editorial committee concerns. Sample language : "We'reespecially interested in X, and we'd like you to make sure to fleshthis out when you write the article." or "We're interested in thisproposal if you can do X, Y, or Z.">
As a member of the Code4Lib Journal editorial committee, I will be
for publication.
We hope to publish your article in issue <#n> of the Journal, which isscheduled to appear on mid <insert date hereMonth YYYY>. The deadline for submissionof a complete draft is <deadline for draftFriday, Month DD, YYYY>, but the sooner you cancan get us a draft the better, and the more likely we'll be able to getget your article into issue <#n>. Upon receipt of the draft, I will workwork with you to address any changes recommended by the EditorialCommittee. More information about our author guidelines may be found at
Please note that final drafts must be approved by a vote of the
We also require all authors to agree to US CC-BY licensing for the
articles we publish in the journal. We recommend that any included
code also have some type of code-specific open source license (such as
the GPL).
We look forward to seeing a complete draft and hope to include it in
the Journal. Thank you for submitting to us, and feel free to contact
me directly with any questions.
If you could drop me a line acknowledging receipt of this email, that would be great.</pre>
== Proposal Rejected ==
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