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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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Talk Acceptance Letter (sample)
Dear <<first name last name>>,
On behalf of the Code4Lib Program Planning Committee, I am pleased to notify you that your proposal, <<proposal title>> has been accepted for the Code4Lib <<year>> in <<location>>. Please reply to this message to confirm your intention to present the approved session at the Conference. If at any time in the future you need to bow out or have any program changes, please notify us immediately.
Your program is scheduled at <<program day, program time>>. You will also be sent a letter of agreement.
It is very important that you focus your presentation on the more unique and technical aspects of your topic whenever possible. Although Code4Libattendees come from many different work environments, they attend Code4Lib events for information technology education.
Experts like you are the heart of Code4Lib. We really appreciate your contribution and look forward to working with you.
===Talk Rejection Letter (sample)===

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