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Auth Module

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== UmlautAuth Umlaut Auth Module (Developer Notes) ==The UmlautAuth Auth module extends functionality available from the [Authlogic|] (version 2.1.0) gem and configured as a plugin included in the lib directory based on the [Authlogic OpenID add-on|].
=== Core Umlaut Files Added or Updated ===
Several core Umlaut files were updated in order to develop the UmlautAuth Auth module.
==== app/controller/application.rb ====
The application controller was updated to filter passwords and provide two methods for accessing the current user session and the current user. The method current_user_session (aliased as has_logged_in_user) returns nil if no user session has been established. The method current_user (aliased as logged_in_user) return either nil or the current logged in user.

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