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Auth Module

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=== Auth Module ===
The following files makeup the Auth module to extend the functionality of Authlogic for our purposes. They could probably be moved into the UserSession module, but may be useful as a template for further localization.
==== vendor/plugins/umlaut_auth/lib/auth/acts_as_authentic.rb ====Extends '''ActsAsAuthentic''' extends the authlogic user model to ignore passwords, reset_persistence_token when the username changes, manage stale data (via expiration refreshed_at date), and handle user attributes hash.==== vendor/plugins/umlaut_auth/lib/auth/session.rb ====Establishes '''Session''' establishes the following callback functions :# '''before_login, '''# '''after_login, '''# '''before_logout, '''# '''after_logout, '''# '''on_every_request as well as ''' Also establishes two public methods login_url, logout_url for setting external login and logoutslogout urls. # '''login_url'''# '''logout_url''' The after_login callback is a bit of a hack since it only runs when the controller action is "validate." It also has private methods validate_url (for sending to external logins) and session_user (for setting the session_user attributes).==== vendor/plugins/umlaut_auth/umlaut_auth.rb ====Loads the relevant auth modules from configuration. (Only tested with one auth module. Probably won't work yet for multiple auto modules.)==== vendor/plugins/umlaut_auth/generators/umlaut_auth/umlaut_auth_generator.rb ====Uses the umlaut_auth template to create stubs for UmlautAuth localization.
== Generating Local UmlautAuth Plugins ==

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