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Auth Module

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Configuring Local Auth Modules
=== Auth Module Example ===
AuthPDS was developed at NYU as an example of generating a plugin and populating the stub methods provided.
At NYU we're currently using the Auth module in our holdings table to offer request functionality based on "patron status". We display a request button, if the patron has the appropriate status to be able to request/page items and use a custom controller to provide this functionality seamlessly. Screenshots of this functionality can be seen below.
==== lib/auth/local/auth_pds.rb ====
The AuthPDS module gets mixed in with the Session module to log in via PDS (customized for NYU). It implements the following callback functions:
==== Screenshots of Request Functionality ====
===== Not logged in, no request ======
===== Logged in, request ======
===== Pretty jQuery modal dialog ======

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