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Umlaut Deployment

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SFX Configuration
== SFX Configuration ==
=== Institute Feature ===
This only matters if you use the SFX institute feature. Umlaut sends a req.ip=[client ip] param, which SFX is supposed to use to treat the request as if it came from that IP, not umlaut's ip. That works if the req.ip matches an SFX institute. But if it does not match any institute, you want SFX to treat the request as if it did not match any institute. Instead it consults the actual umlaut server IP and connects THAT to an institute. This is bad.
As a work around, define an institute in SFX that is listed first alphabetically (eg, "aaa_umlaut_server") that matches the Umlaut server's IP address(es). Now if req.ip doesn't match anything, SFX will decide the request matches "aaa_umlaut_server" institute--which won't effect anything, will be treated just like a non-local address--instead of matching on umlaut server address which might match a wrong institute.
This bug has been reported to Ex Libris.

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