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C4L2011 social activities

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Newcomer Dinner
*Max of '''6''' per location
**Please, no waitlisting :(
*ID yourselves so we can get jget a good mix of new people and veterans in each group
**New folks - n
**c4l vets - v
* Aaron Collie (Listens to locals; wonders who will be the last person to sign up) - n
* Jon Gorman - v - I know I make 7, but hope that's not a huge issue. If it turns out to be I'll grab a bar seat.
Tried to make a reservation for another group, but no go. Will be going to Yogi's.
* Chelsea Lobdell - n
* Andrea Schurr - n - I really, really wanted to go to a microbrewery. Now that Upland's been changed, I'd like to jump ship. But, I need to know before my group leaves at 5:30. What should I do???
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