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C4L2011 social activities

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* Located in Biddle Hotel room 116/117
* Keyholders: Gabriel Farrell, Mike Giarlo, Mark Matienzo, Devon Smith
== Werewolf! ==
It wouldn't be a tech conference unless we got together one evening to turn into a gang of murdering beasts and hyper-suspicious victims. Facilitated by the one and only mbklein.
* When: Wednesday evening
* Time: 10-10:30 PM (or whenever enough people wander in)
* Where: Planning to Meet in Hospitality Suite and move on from there is necessary. Check this space for updates.
=== About Werewolf ===
Werewolf (also known as Mafia) is a parlor game that has become [ the obsession of techie conferences everywhere]. At it's most basic, it's a game of information asymmetry -- a battle between an uninformed majority (the townspeople) and an informed minority (the werewolves who live and hunt among them). At its best, it's an off-the-wall paranoid screaming match. There are dozens of variations -- we'll start with the basics, and depending on everyone's stamina and desire to keep playing, save the tricky stuff for later. Hopefully by the end of the evening all the participants will be jibbering, jumpy, sleep-deprived lunatics incapable of trusting even their closest friends.
In other words, ''good times.''
=== Werewolf Signup ===
If you're planning on/thinking about attending, put your name here.
# Michael Klein
Anonymous user

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