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C4L2011 social activities

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"Social Network Dine Arounds"
Wednesday night. Not sure what these are. Make it up as you go. Be social, network, dine around.
'''Snow Lion Tibetan Restaurant (run by Dalai RamaLama's brother's neighbornephew!!!)'''
Wednesday 6PM meeting at the mezzannine above the lobby
The only agenda is relaxing and having a good time :))
[ More info]
* Ranti Junus
* Becky Yoose
* Bohyun Kim
* Dileshni Jayasinghe
* Will Kurt
* Ian Mulvany
'''Dine with Hydra'''
* Bess Sadler
* Adam Wead
* Michael Klein (showing up; may need to ditch early)
* Jeremy Nelson
* Rick Johnson
* Richard Anderson
* Michael Levy
* Jason Stirnaman
* Daniel Lovins
'''Anyetsang's Little Tibet''' Wednesday, leaving from the mezzanine above the lobby at 6:30 PM. Menu available (in a really cheesy set of pictures of the actual menu [[|right here]]. No agenda, no plan for discussion, just social time and Tibetan/Thai/Indian grub. Add yourself if you want, or just show up. If you sign up, we won't leave without you!
* Roberto Hoyle
* Ian Walls
* Keith Nickum
* Ken Irwin
* Sarah Weeks
* Jason Fowler
* Ben Anderson
'''Run to White Castle''' We need cars.
* gluejar (Me)
* Spencer Lamm
* Benoit Thiell - I'll meet you there.
* Patrick Force
'''[ Finch's]'''
Meeting in lobby at 7, leaving no later then 7:15Reservation was - reservation made for 6 8 at 7:30
* decasm
* ndushay
* BillDueber
* cbeer
* MrDys
* jrochkind
* tburton-west (can you get in touch w/ decasm (devon smith))* Mads Villadsen* Toke Eskildsen
'''UNC/Dook Basketball Game'''
Wednesday - 8pm TIPOFF @ 9pm - [ Nick's English Hut] - just show up!
'''Thursday breakfast at Village Deli''' Meet in hotel lobby 7:45 AM.
* Devon Smith/decasm
* Jason Stirnaman/jstirnaman
* Keith Nickum
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