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2011talks Submissions

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Describing Digital Collections at the Free Library
modern discovery systems such as Summon in a smart and non-obtrusive way.
== Describing Digital Collections at the Free Library == * Daria Norris, Free Library of Philadelphia, norrisla at freelibrary dot org The Free Library of Philadelphia has developed a Digital Collections content management system and search engine Snodus great to describe the scholarly and historical items we are digitizing and making available on our web site. This application has evolved into a highly customizable way of setting up the metadata requirements of each individual collection while also conforming to the Dublin Core standard. The collections are diverse and include scans of medieval manuscripts, historical photographs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania German fraktur, automobile reference photos and more. Development has also included the integration of authorities like the Getty Thesauri and the LOC's Thesaurus for Graphic Materials in a library that can also be used in other applications. I'll also discuss our future plans for the BWTHDIK
== Lessons from the Hydra Community: cultivating a large, distributed, agile, open source developer network ==
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