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Code4Lib Journal WordPress Input Guidelines

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The body of the article goes in the "Post" field. The top-level header (<code>&lt;h1&gt;</code>) is used for the title of the post, so start with second-level headers (<code>&lt;h2&gt;</code>) for sections of the article. Any header from second- to sixth-level may be used as appropriate. Use HTML markup appropriately and semantically, ''e.g.'', <code>&lt;em&gt;</code> for emphasized text, <code>&lt;strong&gt;</code> for strongly emphasized text, <code>&lt;blockquote&gt;</code> when quoting blocks of text. Avoid such monstrosities as <code>&lt;font&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;blink&gt;</code>.
===External Images and Attached Content===Two options for images and other attached content/media, use WordPress uploaded content managing feature, or upload the content to our host manually.  jrochkind found the WordPress content managing feature to be more of a pain than it was worth, so is uploading content manually. To do that, sftp to Ask jrochkind for the password for the c4ljeditor account.  Change directory to:/public/vhost/c/c4lj/html/media in there you'll find an "issue1" subdir. Inside THERE (or other issue dir), create a subdir with the last name of the first author, and put all your image and other attached content in there. It will now have this sort of url: Add to your img src or a href's as desired. You can use this not just for images, but for extended code attachments, etc.  
Every article in issue 1 should be put in a category "issue1". Etc.
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