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Code4Lib Editorial Committee Introduction

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Everyone on the EC may vote on article proposals as they come in. Voting is straightforward and recorded in the tracking spreadsheet. An article must have at least two 'yes' votes and more 'yes' votes than 'no' votes to be accepted. Once an article is accepted for publication, an EC member volunteers to take on editorial responsibility for that article and shepherds it from proposal to publication, acting as the journal's single point of contact with the author. Most Committee members take responsiblity for at least one article per issue, though the committee is large enough that there is some flexibility with editorial responsibility.
Editing an article includes making sure the article draft is submitted on time, distributing drafts to the full committee for comment, making editorial suggestions or recommendations to the author(s), tracking and enforcing submission deadlines, requesting full Editorial Committee approval of the final draft, and inputting the finished article into []org.
Above all, the Editorial Committee is informal and egalitarian. Jump in with you your opinion and ideas!
== Article Tracking Spreadsheet ==

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