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About Umlaut

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Physical Holdings'''
Umlaut still provides a ‘full’ link resolver menu too, which the user can choose to see, and which is shown when no full text is available. The menu provides location and availability information on physical holdings directly on the screen–no click necessary to see it (at least when there’s an ISSN match; if there’s no ISSN or ISBN match, a link is provided to a keyword search in the catalog instead). See <> for an example. It also imports any URLs found in our catalog in a MARC 856 field, in addition to those in SFX.
'''Relevant Links'''
More nearer term, additional features I want to add to Umlaut include:
* Rochester “Getting Users Fulltext” style code to skip right to the full text, skipping content-provider metadata pages.
* Google Books search to complement the OCA and Gutenberg searches I’ve got.
* connection to OCLC Identities
* xISBN/thingISBN use. (Some thought is required in how to integrate this while avoiding false positives). Bowker ISSN service for metadata enhancement. OCLC xISSN? Integrate preceding/succeeding title information from OPAC or xISSN? * Integrate my various local document delivery services into menu of options when full text isn’t available.
'''Are you interested in working with Umlaut?'''

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