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2012 nominations list

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Hanson Hosein
==Hanson Hosein==
Hanson Hosein is the Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington in Seattle. He’s also an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. He specializes in storytelling, social media strategies and business models of communication.
His film, Independent America: The Two-Lane Search for Mom & Pop was an early exercise in the use of digital technology in storytelling and an ongoing interaction with an audience. Self-produced and self-financed, the award-winning documentary has been broadcast internationally, and airs regularly on the Sundance Channel in the United States. Perhaps more importantly, grassroots groups across America continue to screen the film as a tool to promote local economies. Hanson’s latest film, Independent America: Rising from Ruins focuses on how small business helped resurrect New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, despite ruinous city policies favoring big box stores.
Hanson won Emmy and Overseas Press Club awards for his NBC News coverage “The Fall of Kosovo.” He was NBC’s Middle East Producer and correspondent from 1997 to 2001. Prior to that served as an investigative producer at “NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.”
==Adam Jacob==
"Adam Jacob is a co-founder of Opscode and the creator of Chef. Prior to Opscode, he founded HJK Solutions, an automated infrastructure consultancy. During two years at HJK, he built new infrastructures for 15 different startups. Including his time at HJK, Adam has 13 years of experience as a systems administrator, systems architect, and tools developer. He has been responsible for large production infrastructures, internal corporate automation, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts."

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