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Maryland, Washington D.C etc.
= Maryland, Washington D.C etc. =
We want to bring the code{4}lib experience to the library community in the Maryland and , Washington , D.C., and the great Commonwealth of Virginia area. Our hope is that meeting at the regional level will strengthen our local connections and develops develop more real world collaborative efforts.
== Next Meeting ==
'''Tuesday, 13 September, 2011 10:00am to Noon at [] in Arlington, VA'''
This meeting will be an interest meeting for code{4}libMDC. This Chapter was out of commission for a wee bit, so we want to suss out why in order to avoid another hiatus.
If you have any bril ideas on how to fill the time, feel free to post them here. If no one posts anything, I shall have to present summat, and you don't want to see that happen.
10- Noon
Main Meeting
Discussion of current venue.
Hash out possibilities of other venues.
Is the frequency right? Will quarterly meetings still work?
Is the Chapter's problem indicative of fragmented general regional Library collaboration?
Update on the wider code{4}lib community
Requests, ideas, and volunteers for topics for future gatherings
Governance (do we want any?)
12:15–1:30 Lunch
There are a whole bunch of lunch spots near the Library.
This section is for folks that *would* make it, were it not for their tyrannical bosses or onerous schedules.
== Previous Meetings ==
'''Wednesday, August 5, 2009 9:00am to 4:30pm at [ National Agricultural Library] in Beltsville, MD'''
1:30–4:30 Fedora Users Group technical discussions (with break)
== Previous Meetings ==
Code4LibMDC had it's first meeting on Friday April 3, at the [ National Agricultural Library] in Beltsville MD a.m. A total of 30 people attended including people from:
· Digital repositories
· Share ideas.
· Join smaller a ad hoc meetings.
· Set up a local Listserv for this group.
5. Scheduling

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